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Introducing our seventh collaboration with The Hunger Project – the DECJUBA x THP “Be The Change” Limited Edition Sweater. 100% of proceeds from this sweater will be donated to THP to support their mission to end world hunger & create real, sustainable change.

Since 2017, DECJUBA has launched six collaborations alongside The Hunger Project, and raised $1.3m to support two communities in Uganda, Mpigi & Oruka, in their goal of becoming self-reliant.

We never quite imagined just how much was possible.
Thanks to your support, 2020 marked an incredible milestone in our longstanding partnership with The Hunger Project. One of the DECJUBA-funded epicentres, Mpigi, successfully reached self-reliance. This means they have demonstrated they have the leadership, skills and resources they need to continue their own development journey independently & lead their own vision towards a future free of hunger & poverty.

Raising a total of $1.3 million...
We have not only impacted 7.6 million lives, but one of our DECJUBA-funded epicentres has now reached self-reliance.

In December 2020, Mpigi, successfully reached the incredible milestone of self-reliance – the ultimate goal of The Hunger Project.


The community now have the leadership, skills, and resources they need to continue their own development journey independently leading their own vision towards a future free of hunger & poverty.

At DECJUBA we’ve also committed to another $1 million of funding alongside The Hunger Project.

This will support the second epicentre, Oruka, to reach self-reliance. As well as support a number of other THP projects with the goal of creating significant, transformative change.

As a team we are committed to real, sustainable long term change that will impact lives ... we don’t have the solutions but we are on board to #bethechange

During May, 10 DECJUBA team members embarked on a game changing journey to the Oruka Village in Uganda, learning more about THP’s approach to ending world hunger & truly understanding the powerful impact of our partnership will have on the Oruka Community!

“I’m so proud of our gamechangers… being agents of change and realising that together we can all do more” - Tania Austin, Owner & Managing Director
During their visit they met Mrs. Lydia Jemba….
“from the first moment I laid eyes on Lydia, walking towards the bus pulling on her fur trim hat, I knew she was proud…” Read more
“The #gamechanger program was incredible, I learned so much about myself, the power of hope & the possibility of change for the future. I have to tell you about this one family we met in the village of Oruka, husband & wife, Samson & Aber, & their 9 children…”Read more

“I’ve seen The Hunger Project in action… hearing the women’s stories, and witnessing firsthand the positive changes in their communities, makes me extra determined to give this project the reach it deserves.”
Melanie Noden, CEO, The Hunger Project Australia

Leadership Team Visit India
In 2018 our leadership team embarked on a life- changing visit to India with The Hunger Project, where they had the ability to meet incredible women and saw firsthand the amazing work of The Hunger Project does.

This trip was the inspiration behind the introduction of our facilitated Oruka journey & #gamechanger program… there’s nothing quite like seeing first hand the impact hard work truly makes.

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