Ethical Partnerships
At DECJUBA we have strong ethical values and understand that the journey to transparency and accountability is a continuous process. We continually assess the partnership with our suppliers, ensuring that our values and non-negotiable conduct is upheld.

We are committed to working with our people, suppliers and the wider community to ensure ethical working conditions for people employed along our supply chain, strengthen relationships with all partners across our supply chain, protect the environment and promote animal welfare.
Tania Austin, Owner & Managing Director

Our Ethical Journey
We understand that the journey to transparency is a continuous process. We ensure that along each step of the supply chain we are tracing our impact in order to be accountable for our actions.

Not only are our suppliers fundamental to the success of our sustainable supply chain journey, but we are also committed to minimising our carbon footprint through strategic and effective stock management and shipping practices. At each step of our supply chain we are committed to only using recycled containers and packaging.
We are proud to have a long-standing partnership with our suppliers, some of which we have known for over 20 years. The journey to transparency and accountability is a continuous process, that’s why our leadership team visit our supplier’s manufacturing sites on a regular basis, continually building and developing a transparent and authentic relationship.

Supplier on boarding, training & development, 3rd party auditing and implementation of thorough corrective action plans means we are partnering with our Suppliers, aiming to be sustainable along every step of the supply chain with traceability and transparency in the for front.

We strive for clarity on where materials are being sourced from by suppliers and that they are being sustainable at all times. As well as ensuring our suppliers have a strong commitment to continuous improvement which include zero tolerance to modern slavery, child labour, forced labour and gender discrimination.

"When I visit China, it’s important to me to visit our partners, I want to make sure our factories are as amazing as every other aspect of our business"

DECJUBA is committed to conducting a values driven business reflective of our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. The DECJUBA Ethical Sourcing and Social Compliance Code is based upon the following principles and values:

1. DECJUBA will comply with applicable laws in every country where we source our garments.
2. DECJUBA will only work with suppliers who do not use child or forced labour, who treat workers with dignity and respect and who provide a safe and healthy work environment.
3. DECJUBA will monitor and verify compliance with the Code.
4. DECJUBA requires all suppliers to undertake social compliance auditing by an accredited auditing authority.
5. DECJUBA will not engage in bribery or corruption.